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Image of nanoelectronic device Copyright: IHT RWTH

We investigate nanoelectronic field-effect transistor devices based on various different materials including silicon, III-V semiconductors as well as 2D materials.


NEMS Sensors

NEMS Sensor Copyright: IHT RWTH

At Institute of Semiconductor Electronics we study a novel readout mechanism of nano-electromechanical sensors based on the modulated of short-channel effects of a field-effect transistor integrated into the sensor. This enables to upscale the number of sensors that can be integrated onto a chip, while enabling a reduction of the complexity of read-out circuits at the same time.



Nanoimage of photovoltaics Copyright: IHT RWTH

Photovoltaics are one of the most important technology for renewable energy. We study the use of micro- and nanoelectronics fabrication techniques for the realization of optimized solar cells.


Financial support by various funding agencies is gratefully acknowledged.

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