Solid State Technology


Semiconductor fabrication is considered as one of the most important key enabling technologies, unprecedented in sophistication, precision and perfection by any other man-made manufacturing technology. Apart from integrated nanoelectronic circuits, it is therefore also employed for the manufacturing of nano- and mirco-electromechnical systems, integrated silicon photonics etc. The increasing digitalization of industries and health care as well as the internet of things require the realization of smart and autonomous yet interconnected devices making semiconductor technology in the future even more important than today.

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After a brief introduction into solid state physics aspects of semiconductors, their crystal structure and growth process, this lecture deals with advanced concepts of CMOS fabrication technologies such as modern projection lithography, electron-beam lithography, dry and wet chemical etching, high-k gatedielectric materials, epitaxy and self-organized growth. In addition, the manufacturing of devices based on novel materials, such as graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides as well as nanowires and nanotubes will be introduced.

The final examination of the course is a written test. The lecture is regularly offered during the winter term and is ideally complemented by the course Fabrication and Characterization of Nanoelectronic Devices offered in the succeeding summer term.

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